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Advertising is still in development

Advertising will be built into infreq to help cover server costs of the platform, but the way advertising will be handled is different from other platforms out there. Advertising will be handled by a custom-build ad server that will limit the type of targeting that can be done, the amount of imformation collected from advertising, and limits to how you can target ads.

The goal of advertising on infreq is for small businesses to target customers in their community, so the hope is that instead of seeing advertisements from large companies, you will see advertisements that will directly impact you, and be from businesses you recognize locally.

For full transparency, below is the copy of this page once the advertising platform is fully built out.


can i advertise on infreq?

Yes! If you are a business, you must sign up for a pro account. The pro account will give you more options for your profile that will enable you to target your customers, and unlock additional features to your profile.

why are there ads on infreq?

In order to keep the site running, we offer two levels of membership. Free accounts are free to use, but they are will display non-invasive advertisements. Pro accounts create an ad-free experience, allow you to customize additional fields in your profile, and unlock additional features. Pro accounts also allow you to create posts that can be targeted to your customers. We offer basic geo targeting for users, and that is it.

do i have to use the infreq ad network?

Yes, privacy is important to us, and the only way we can ensure our users privacy is honored is by using our in house ad network. We realize that our ad network has limitations compared to other ad networks, but we believe that our users will be more likely to engage with ads targeted to them, and hope that this ad network can help smaller business reach their audience.

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