infreq social

what is infreq?

Infreq is a social network crafted to keep you connected to your friends and family, while also respecting your time and privacy.

what makes infreq different?

Infreq is different in that you can only post once per day, all posts will go live the next day, and once the day is over, you can post again. Once posts have been published, you can no longer edit them.

There is also no commenting or 'liking' posts. Instead, you have the option to send the user a message directly through your friends preferred communication method, whether that is text or email.

Finally, there are no tools to search for your friends. You are encouraged to send a unique link to your friends to let them know you are on infreq. You also have the option to display a QR code on your phone so your friends can scan it when you are with them. That will allow them to create an account and/or add you as a friend.

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